About Crop-Scrap

About Crop-Scrap

Crop-Scrap is a product developed by Simplifying Squad Private Limited. Crop-Scrap is developed with an aim to help people to organize their day to day activity and digitize their paper records. Crop-Scraps has following four features:

Remind-Me: This feature helps in keep track of all the events, reminders, meetings etc which people often forget. This allows them to record their events and set one time or recurring reminders of the same and we make sure they never miss their important events.

Digi-Cheque:This feature helps in digitizing the cheques of any individual or organization. It also provide facility to upload cheque details through csv files. Once recorded the cheque details can be accessed anytime from anywhere using the website of Crop-Scrap or through the mobile app.

Dutch-It: This feature help people record their shared expenses. All user has to de is to record the details of the expenses and we take care of splitting the expenses and inform the participants about how much they have to pay or receive from other participants.

E-Bill: This unique feature allows users to digitize all their bills/prescriptions etc and access them anytime from anywhere. This also allows merchants/start-ups to generate invoices for their clients. All the above features have common feature of sharing the record with group of people or to any of their friend.

About Simplying Squad Private Limited

Simplifying Squad Private Limited is a registered company in India. It aims at creating various tools and applications which can simplify the life of the people.

Simplifying Squad has just launched its first application "Crop-Scrap" and it will be developing many more products to achieve its objectives.